Neither to be taken literally nor to be rejected as gruesome and foolish, these parts are to be thoroughly studied in the quest of the Nosce Te Ipsum concept in Alchemy.

testamentum fraternitatis roseae et aureae crucis archarion chap 11The integral translation of all Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis last chapters. From ninth to thirteenth chapter. All the processes so far described in the previous chapters are now expected to give some hints on the real secret magic, or the union of Lapis Microcosmi and Macrocosmi. The Magysterium Magnum.

My translation from Archarion’s La Via della Vera Alchimia, ed. Mediterranee 1994, appendix Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis from Cod SN 2897 in the Vienna Nationalbibliothek, with the Ms full title Testamentum Der Fraternitet Rosæ et Auræ Crucis, als gewisse Extases oder geheime Operationes, wodurch das Mysterium eröffnet an unsere Kinder der Weisheit göttlicher Magie und englischer Cabbalae. I.W.R. Anno 580.

You can find the previous chapter at Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis. Part 5.

 As I have already said in the introductory article, I decided to publish the entire document, without censuring or omitting anything. Even the controversial chapters including the chapter on Homunculus and  a Master’s rejuvenation have been fully translated. To be honest I have just shortened the last part of the eighth chapter in my previous article, because I really judged those paragraphs as an “intransigent” religious sermon in which the risk of falling into fundamentalist behaviors became very high, especially given the total irrelevance of creation which was there attributed to the Creator. I think we have enough of fundamentalist violence.

If there is no doubt the Testamentum Fraternitatis writer has been very careful in taking all the precautions to be considered a good christian, nevertheless, may be for the first time, some operations on humans are here clearly finalized to human opera and the Alchemy ultimate purpose is overtly admitted. Not all the interpretations of Christian scriptures of the time dared to affirm that man could be not so different from God, and operate (or create) alongside Him.

When saying man is image of God, Testamentum Fraternitatis  author does mean there is something inside man of divine nature. This is the subject of our Art, concerning the human stone. The motto “know yourself” points at that: to extract which is inside man, and make it a subject to work on. Body, mind, spirit and soul. The Magysterium Magnum cannot be performed without the chemical ( alchemical) substances obtained during the operative Great Work, that’s to say the real tangible Philosophers Stone, or Lapis Universalis (1).

Nevertheless is not correct to merely state the human “subjectus” can be either chemical or spiritual, since this division is arbitrary, and typical of the dominant culture of the last two millennia. Actually, we need both. Or better, both opera need each other. As we have seen in the previous chapters, the work on humans, or eternity, as it is presented in the document we are examining, seems to necessarily employ our body, mind, spirit and soul. As well as preparing the Mysterium Magnum. And when saying “body” we cannot help to use chemical parts of ourselves, perhaps not so glamorous, but easy to be extracted.   Pay close attention in tenth chapter to the mixture of Lapis Microcosmi and Lapis Macrocosmi. Once again the Testamentun Fraternitatis author presents this combination. We could take the Microcosmi as the part extracted from us, that’s to say urine and blood, for instance,  ( the sentence “know thyself/nosce te ipsum”) and Macrocosmi as the part extracted from a more general process. In fact, in the eleventh chapter, in the end the mystery is unveiled: “….take a lapis medicinali prepared out of your own blood and 1/2 dram of a lapis medicinalis prepared starting from earth or rainwater, mix them……”. Archarion, whose Von Wahrer Alchemie has been extracted the document we are examining, in the tenth chapter compares this method to Paracelsus homunculus proceeding, prepared from human sperm and fed with arcanum sanguinis humani, that’s to say the lapis medicinalis produced starting with the human blood, method taken from De Generatione Rerum Naturalium, first book. Of course the real secret operation  cannot be so simple.

I think the reader can infer it from the reading of the following Testamentum Fraternitatis last chapters.

In the first chapters we have seen the author just hinting at a state after death, without explicitly mentioning the term: “….. some brothers, past the human life, enter the eternity”.. The indispensable substance is Love. In fact the “love” is not the canonical sentimental and psychological deep affection or adoration we are used to hear in 21st century. This is an alchemical operative love, so strong to…….dissolve, rather. Or better, as Testamentum Fraternitatis says: “Oh inscrutable love that penetrates to the marrow of bones!………….You fill them with the fire of your love, which is penetrating and is powerful and stronger than death”. But as we go with the reading we will see how the concept will be purposely developed by the author with the descriptions of practices bordering on necromancy, if not for the lack of spells and invocations.

In this regard we must make a due warning to readers. Due, because of the operations on blood other than artist’s. This prospect implies and involves huge and behind close walls knowledge, and moreover is not at all to operator’s advantage, but to help the person or animal whose the operator extract the blood for. Whether these works are involved in the “eternity” of the blood owner, I can honestly only suspect.

Another warning I would make to readers is not to take literally all they are going to cast an eye over in the following chapters ( especially the tenth chapter). In fact, in my opinion, perhaps only some reminiscences of the real secret practices are here described. Or perhaps just hinted at.  The real philosophical and supernatural practice of Alchemy should here be read between the lines. Very probably in these pages too much shoddy back magic still veils the vertigo heights and abyssal depths of what used to be the real alchemical ” work on humans”, surely operative, but here concealed behind an illogical mask.

Now let’s the word to Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis without commenting. The so called operative parts start from the tenth chapter, the nine being once again a warning to the reader by the ancient author.

Ninth Chapter

On the Secret Kabbalah.

As I have already said, nobody, o better no natural man, can access to the magic, unless the Great Spirit has not sanctified and made capable to access it. In fact – as you have already heard – he who is within the magic of the Spirit lies in the signature of all things, as he who has learned the magic already knows what kabbalah is since one comes from the other, In short if you are joined to God and be at one with His Spirit, all must be at your service, even the angels who – as you are going to read in our other secret writings – enjoy to be close to you. Nevertheless to not move the center too much and so that the Great Spirit Jehovah doesn’t enter you excessively and doesn’t make you to vanish like Elias and Enoch, you should practice the magic with great caution. In fact – as you can see in Moses – to directly see the God’s face in all his power is impossible. Moses wanted to see to see his magnificence, but the almightiness of God protected him, otherwise the Great Spirit would completely enter and disintegrate him. In fact according the flesh and soul that’s impossible. Nevertheless, from behind, glancing, Moses could see the Lord, and His Spirit penetrated and transfigured him. For this reason flesh men could not see his face. Thus content yourself to be embraced by God’s power and mind not to keep away from the Lord, neither at right or left hand.

When you will be at one with Great Spirit, be happy: as you will be able to read in the heart of nature, get to the center of things, talk to all creatures and have all to your service. In fact if the children of this world, shaking the hell, and getting spoiled by its spirit, they manage to do wonders on their own; if they can even shake the elements, do harm to all creatures, and go through closed doors and the air both either the body or without ( with their astral body), and thanks to the power of hell, even to generate young devils and perform horrible things, why on the earth a man who serve the Highest with all his strengths should not do wonders? It is impossible he cannot do that. The whole nature must be of service of such a man, and it is ready to do that. Even – as we have pointed out in our writings – all the angels and obliging spirits are ready to serve him, both according to magic and kabbalah. Follow our teachings, do not talk and keep silent for the eternity. The world will rumour on your silence as they cannot understand it.

I want to show you what secret and important opera you can perform in his capacity as magician; thanks to your psychic and spiritual power you can redeem a soul, so to make it to take a body again to reach the blessedness and serve the man.

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