Last preparations, both chemical and moral, to the Secret Magic which Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis is known for.

testamentum roseae et aureae crucis archarion chap 8

My translation from Archarion’s La Via della Vera Alchimia, ed. Mediterranee 1994, appendix Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis from Cod SN 2897 in the Vienna Nationalbibliothek, with the Ms full title Testamentum Der Fraternitet Rosæ et Auræ Crucis, als gewisse Extases oder geheime Operationes, wodurch das Mysterium eröffnet an unsere Kinder der Weisheit göttlicher Magie und englischer Cabbalae. I.W.R. Anno 580.

You can find the previous chapter at Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis. Part 4.

“Here I finish and I turn to things supernatural to men’s eyes, which are the other part of the mysterium”. With this sentence the author will conclude the seventh chapter, the last “chemical” part, with the final recipe on antimonium, to move to the last “moral” part,  the anteroom to the magysterium magnum. Chapters 6, 7 and 8.

I have already said that, in my opinion, the Testamentum Fraternitatis is very unlikely to be a real initiate document to be handed down among a real secret brotherhood, in fact the author puts in display all the cultural limits of his time, allegedly baroque age. After the last chemical teachings, the last  chapter of this article should be intended as purely “moral” ( and also the middle of the seventh is an opportunity to warn the reader). To the purpose, understandably, in seventeenth century nothing was more effective than the total submission to a superior God, acting as an admonition to not fall in foolish and evil temptations to rule the world for childishly egoistic purposes, since the evoked possibilities are here no more merely mystic, but of a tangible entrance in a state of being other from our common terrestriality, called magysterium magnum.  In fact we will see in the coming article, especially the tenth chapter, a kind of magic that, if not black, at least unusual for an Alchemical treatise. Conversely the risk of falling into fundamentalist behaviors becomes very high, especially given the total irrelevance of creation which is here  attributed to the Creator. Since I have simply translated from Archarion’s book and not from the original manuscript, as I mentioned in the Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis Introduction, I cannot guarantee the eighth chapter as being a part of the original manuscript, or group of manuscripts. Anyway take the chapter as it is, a frightening religious sermon, don’t let it work on your mind and go on with your reading.

But before, concerning the last chemical parts, the author ends up his descriptions of preliminary works to reach our Mercurius ( see an Opus Magnum scheme) introducing rock salt and antimonium, which the author at first describes as a mineral of zinc (marcasite) then he goes on as though it is a mineral of bismuth. Anyway antimony is not foreign.

The main work, or second work, is as usual just hinted by sentences like the following: …..And with the lapis medicinalis you can do the lapis universalis. But you can also pour your liquor already at the beginning ( of the main work) on the pure gold, that’s to say to dissolve the gold in it and then transform it in lapis medicinalis, and then transforming it in tincture making it to go through colors……..“. In Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis it is not difficult to spot the proceedings dealing with the main work, second work: they always involve the dissolution of gold.

Sixth Chapter

On the preparation of sal circulatum.

Coagulated water is the mother of all metals; in fact at the beginning of the creation of the world all has been born by water, and even today nothing could be if this water wouldn’t fall from the sky to give life, which is their primum agens, first agent. When it gets coagulated, it is a rock and a nature stronghold as well as a hidden and sealed source which cannot be opened by anyone. So bear in mind that is the primum ens seu quinta essentia aquae, the first entity or quintessence of water (1) and the center of all minerals and metals, that by it have been born all the things and to be able to be born again purer and  more beautiful they must die in it before.

So take a pure sal gemmae, rock salt, pour over two parts ( in weight) of water. Mind: It should be putrefied rainwater mixed with concentrated horseradish juice ( 1/3 of the water quantity), which is necessary as it improve the putrefaction, and heat them for three months at moderate fire. Then get it chilled and putrefy at cool for another months. Put it in a well circled retort, place it in a scalable oven and make to pass which wants to pass. Remove the residue, put it into a crucible and make it to melt at strong fire. Then pour again into a retort, place it in an oven exposed to flame for entire 24 hours, so the salt can reverberate. Do as though the flame wraps the retort entirely, but without make the salt to liquefy! Remove the salt, put it in a glass bowl, place it in a humid cellar and let it to become a liquor. Pour the liquor in an alembic, add distilled water, close the alembic and let to putrefy all together for fourteen days, then distill till residues an oily substance. Pour on this oil an over rectified spiritus vini ( spirit of wine) and let to to rest; in this way the feces will fall to the bottom. Decant the clear part, place in cellar, wait for the crystals to form and removed them.

Note: mind the following: it is better not to use the distilled in the beginning but pour it over the crystalls right now, in order to be able to repeat the distillation till a fixed oil remains in the retort bottom and nothing sweet rises anymore. Then make this salt to digest and putrefy for a month. Place the alembic in cinder balneum and distill by cohobation till all has risen in the helm. If you don’t bother to follow the long path, you obtain the primum ens salis, first entity of salt, or better the real key of the salt and universal liquor. A arcane or key that opens all the secrets closed in gold, silver and mercury.

In fact if you pour this liquor on the mercury in a retort, the mercury melt in it and so it is enough to place the retort in a sand balneum and distill by cohobation, in order to make all risen and let in the bottom just an useless earth. You can repeat this operation ad infinitun, forever, till all the liquor becomes a heavy oil. Pour this oil on some well ground pure gold ( or silver), so this will melt as ice in water. If you have used gold it will turn red, if you have used silver will turn yellowish. Close this liquor in a phial and make all to go through the colors, So you will have the lapis medicinalis, which you can use in a more universal way, that’s to say to remove all diseases.

With this sal circulatum you can do also that: take some magnesia, that’s to say bismuth, grind it up well, put it in an alembic and pour over your sal circulatum, a quantity of the same which a allows to overcome by three horizontal fingers the salt level, and let to digest together; in this way the liquor will take a herbal green color. Decant this green liquor; repeat the operation till the liquid doesn’t take any more color; so you have a liquor universalis. Put together all the extracted and distill over and over by cohobation; in this way it is ready. Together with it you can accomplish the opera and if you join it to gold and silver you obtain first the lapis medicinalis and then the lapis philosophorum universalis.

But with this liquor you can also extract a red gold mineral and making it to go alone through colors you can transform it in lapis medicinalis. Even with hornblende you can accomplish your opera, as this liquor, being the quintessence and containing the substance keeping all nature alive, can get used with all things. Its preparations is long, but give prodigious results and is no expensive. Putrefaction is the most time consuming, the rest of the work is neither difficult nor dangerous.

While there are many methods to prepare this liquor, the safest and best is the following described. Rock salt, i.e. can be extracted in its spiritus salis (2). Pour the extracted in a retort and distill by cohobation, but just after having let it putrefy for at least one month. Before being completely melted the salt transforms in an oily substance. Eventually have all the phlegm separated from it in the water balneum. You can prepare the magisterium in this way even starting from vitriol, alum, saltpeter and tartar; nonetheless you should know how to master the fire and perform all the operation with great patience; In fact if you work in a hurry and with little skillfulness you will get nothing; bear it well in mind.

Now I want to teach you how to prepare also the arcanum lapidis et caeli metallorum, the arcane and sky metals stone.

Seventh Chapter

On the arcanum lapis et caeli metallorum.

Although many of our ancient masters have partly treated stibium, for those who don’t grasp their emblematic and ambitious speeches it is impossible to comprehend anything. Therefore you have to know that stibium or antimonium (crudum) is a gold marcasite ( metallic zinc) and that the little quantity of Mercurius contained is so deeply incorporated that is impossible to separate from it. One cannot separate it treating antimonium with fire because it is strongly refractory. Antimonium provides a good magnet for the spiritus universi, spirit of the universe, because it is very voracious and because, when a certain quantity of this spirit has been picked and rectified, its corpus, body, can be treated exactly as the ancient did. But since a better way has been recognized in magnesia or bismuth, given that the matter is more open and unlikely closed and given that it contains in good measure both spiritus mundi, a beautiful mercurius and salt which can be extracted by means of its own spirit and reduce a salt which – as I have already said – the ancient called their vitriol, the latter have chosen the bismuth.

Thus we turn to antimonium which is is mercurius solaris coagulatus, solar coagulated Mercurius. In fact in it is present the most excellent essence that the Highest has placed in nature so that man through it recognizes his infinite omnipotence. As we in our extasi have used antimonium as well, we want to teach our brothers and followers to use it too. In fact not all want and know how to use the same matter, nor you can push a brother to do an established work, but he should be allowed to operate as he likes, as his mind and soul wish. In fact you have to know that often the man’s mind penetrates the rock, in fact he reaches even the inner of nature. Since man can all; he is the master of nature. Since man can do everything; he is the master of nature. If he considers the Highest above everything and abstains from human love for things, he can arrives at the very core of nature alongside the Eternal Spirit. Law of the mysterium magnum (Archarion’s note: the divine abyss of Akasha), as in it the ultimate goal of nature is hidden; both of the nature in and out us. In fact all transit sed mysterium magnum permanet, all passes by but the utmost mystery lasts forever! if first when searching inside ourself we don’t know ourselves and have not investigated in the deepness of the Great Spirit, we cannot find and know the mysterium magnum. Even if it may seem impossible to go that far. But, listen carefully, how can the man still attached to the flesh, who his hands are dripping with blood, limbs full of impurities, injustice, hypocrisy, envy, conviction and animosity towards the Great Spirit, the man who adores a God the humankind have created and placed at their level, who constantly breaks the Lord’s commandments and who has fraudulent thoughts, almost as if the Eternal can and must be bound to this or that human commandment! Such a man, even if alive, is dead!

Daniel, even if attending the divine service by Chaldeans, worshipped his God, and in his heart he prayed the Lord to forgive those people ignorance! And the Lord answered his prayer, as he didn’t pray along the formulas of high priests and scribes, but according to his feeling. The Great Spirit did comprehend him. Then Daniel understood that the created things must be at his feet, even all the evil’s power and worshiped him. In fact by the spirit of the knowledge he won all aggressions of nature’s enemies and imposed them, in the name of the Lord, to prostrate at his feet; and was steadfast in his commitment to the blessed goal.

So, dear brothers, free yourself from the fear and awe in which you live! mind rather not refuse the homage of God, to offer it to the carnal! As, if you do not love God with all your heart, you shall not succeed in accomplishing the opera. If instead you love Him and wish to become a unique spirit with Him, you shall soon enjoy His love. But if besides Him you love even the lowest of the lowest, He will not tolerate, because it is above all things and because all existing in nature comes from Him, while what is human, even if it seems sacred, is against him. So shun idolatry and fear only Him with all your heart, with all your soul and strength. So you will not lack anything; you will have what you wish for as He is life and wealthy.

Now to get to the goal, that’s to say to obtain the real quintessence starting from antimonium, you have to know that you have before three ways to prepare it.

Take a beautiful pure antimonium crudum, raw, like that you can find in Hungary at Schemnitz and Marienburg, smelt it alone to get a king (regulus). Melt this regulus over and over together with small quantities of saltpeter and tartar, till it becomes as white as silver. In this way you have the mercurius coagulatus antimonii. melt this with oleum vitrioli and with the spirit of the same ( sulfuric acid) as follows: crush and grind very well your regulus, put into a retort and pour over the acetum of metals (Arcarion’s note: acid), place the retort in a sand balneum, fit a gathering container and distill by cohobation what wants to rise, nevertheless till a oily substance will residue. Pour again the distilled and repeatedly cohobate until  nothing more rises but a useless phlegm.

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