Another interesting, though necessarily incomplete, tour into preliminary works with Mercury and Bismuth. A dive in a modus operandi not too far from reality.

testamentum fraternitatis roseae et aureae crucis archarion chap 3

My translation from Archarion’s La Via della Vera Alchimia, ed. Mediterranee 1994, appendix Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis from Cod SN 2897 in the Vienna Nationalbibliothek, with the Ms full title Testamentum Der Fraternitet Rosæ et Auræ Crucis, als gewisse Extases oder geheime Operationes, wodurch das Mysterium eröffnet an unsere Kinder der Weisheit göttlicher Magie und englischer Cabbalae. I.W.R. Anno 580.

You can find the previous chapter at Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis. Part 3.

Chapters three, four and five. We find “recipe” again, and again they are essentially based on the first opera to open raw matters and get our Mercurius/columba Dianae/Universal Dissolvent.   A full immersion in baroque age solve et coagula, to sublime-crystallize-liquify. Here the main work on alchemical marriage is just clued by sentences like: ” ……take the salt and together with it grind at first a gold calx then the columba Dianae then make them all to go through the colors…...”.

Additionally, sentences like: “….Then add to it the quantity of fresh mercury needed to have it melted, then get to digest together and distill by cohobation, so you transform circulatum minus in circulatum maius” are important to establish how normal was the alchemical passages among reigns.

Nevertheless we should read differently  “microcosmic and macrocosmic”. In Testamentum Fraternitatis Roseae et Aureae Crucis we already know they mean two necessary salts, whose one is from human reign.

Third Chapter

How to prepare the very precious stone of the ancient starting from the vulgar mercury and gold. Make it able to remove diseases.

That’s to say transform this crawling and venomous worm in an effective medicine. As you have already heard, you can do in many ways. But now I want to teach you how to make spiritual and solar this mercurius vivus in an easy way.

This is a water that doesn’t wet hand. Nevertheless if you let it as it is it will never become a tincture. Thus you have to treat it as follows: go to a grapevine, where you can find a red gold mineral. Take from it 4 pounds and reduce it to powder. Join it to 3 pounds of mercury and mix well in a bowl. Then place them together in a sublimatorium ( vessel to sublime), set helm and gathering container and heat with subliming fire; in this way the mercurius will sublime with the volatile sulfur produced by the red gold mineral. Have the sublimed to be ground together with the residual and sublime again. Repeat this operation till the living mercurius is no more visible, but all the mercury has risen in the form of a sublimed. Greatly increase the heat.

Take the sublimed and get it sublimed again for the times necessary to get it transparent. So try to make it living anew with the fixed oil produced by the tartar ( leach of potassium tartar K2CO3, obtained by  getting red hot the tartar an through auto dissolution of the residual to the humid air). If it retakes life, you can proceed as follows: take the caput mortuum remained from the sublimation of the red gold mineral, have it calcined over and over till becomes a grey powder, then with some vinegar extract the salt, have it clarified with distilled water in order all becomes pure and transparent. Crush this salt together with your sublimed and sublime over and over, till all the salt sublimes with that. Then check if the living mercury is still visible. If you don’t see it, it means the mercury has been transformed. If instead you can see it, you have to sublime it again. Thus take it, crush it, put it in a bowl, place it in cellar, in a humid room, so it will melt to become a liquor. Get the liquor separated from the feces; have it liquefied again. When they are all melted, put them together in a retort, place it in sand, set a gathering container and distill till all the humidity has past and yellow drops do appear; then remove the gathering container, set another and increase the fire; so a red and yellow oil will rise. So in the end you will have to greatly increase the fire.

When anything more passes, extinguish the fire, remove the retort from the sand balneum, break it, take the residue, grind it, put it into another retort and pour over all the oil and spirit. Distill, and when the spirit has been risen, remove the gathering container and set put another one, in which you will gather the rising blood red and yellow oil. Put all again in a retort and distill once again in this way. Keep the oil in a clean glassware; in this way you have a great treasure. Ancient called it oleum mercuri.

With this oil you can do the following: take one dram of gold’s calx, put it in a phial and pour over one ounce of your oil, close the phial and place in your athanor and make the substance to go through the colors. When has become fix, take your tincture, grind it, put it into another phial and pour over your oil, as much as it needs to get a creamy texture. Seal the glass and make the matter to go through colors. You can repeat this operation as many times as you like. So you have the lapis mineralis by which – as I taught you – you can take action on mercury making it a fixed red color powder and then take action on gold. If you don’t have some red gold mineral, you can work with bismuth or magnesia.

Fourth Chapter

How one can prepare the real alkahest or acetum acerrimum starting from vulgar mercury.

Transform it.

That’s to say transform its white and extract its primum entis i.e. its quintessence, going in this way: Take 1/2 pound of oleum vitrioli ( Archarion’s note: concentrated sulfuric acid) and 1/2 pound of spiritus salis ( Archarion’s note: acid from common salt) which must be prepared in the correct way, pour them on one pound of mercury into an alembic, so it gets melted: set a Helm and distill all the humidity in a sand balneum. In the end increase the fire and sublime. Grind the sublimated together with the residue and sublime again. Take the sublimated and put it in another alembic. Pour over one ounce of oleum vitrioli and one ounce of spiritus salis and distill the phlegm again; then increase the fire and sublime.

Take the sublimated and get it sublimed alone over and over till it turn like a glass .Then grind it till powder and put it into a glass bowl, place in cellar and await for it to become an oil. Either place it into a high alembic and dissolve in a good spiritus salis, let them to putrefy together for a month, then pour into a quantity of good distilled wine vinegar exactly equal to the spiritus salis previously added; in this way a separation will occur and some feces will drop on the bottom. Decant the clear part and place it in cellar; so crystals do form. Take these crystals, join with those formed after other evaporations, grind them well, put it in a glass bowl, place in a sand balneum and heat with subliming fire. Place the sublimated into the bowl and repeat this operation till the crystals become red; in this way you have the lapis medicinalis mercurii (from mercury). Crush well this sublimated, put it into an alembic, pour on a over rectified spirit of wine and extract all the red. Separate the spirit of wine again ( by distillation) till a powder will residue. Place that in a glass bowl and place in cellar. Wait till it will become an oily liquor, put it in a phial, let it to digest for fourteen days and fourteen nights and eventually distill it into a small retort. But you can do before ( soon from the beginning) to let digest the liquor in them and then to distill, or even better: before to let it digest, add to the liquor, if it weighs a pound, 1/2 pound of pure quicksilver, let to digest together and then distill by cohobation: so you obtain the arcanum primi entis mercurii in liquida substantia i.e. the acetum acerrimum metallum or great circulatum maius, by which you can operate wonders.

By this metallic liquor you can treat gold in a more universal way, as it opens gold, it frees it from its earth and reduce it to its quintessence. Pour it in a phial, seal it and let all to go through the colors in our athanor. As you know, here you have again he lapis universalis. With the gold solution you can make imbibitions and improve your work.

The same think with silver. Here you see again that it is not possible to do anything if before everything has been regenerated, that’s to say if it has not become a spiritual stone which you should crush to give the water to heal the seven planets ( Archarion’s note: metals).

So also by this work you may see what kind of secret substance you can get if from microcosmic, macrocosmic and vegetal reigns you have obtained some crystals and, after having them ground, mix them with mercurius vivus, get the whole sublimed and repeat the operation. The mercury will crystallize, get these steady crystals in a glass sphere transforming the mercury in a red powder and go on as you have been taught.

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